What is Search?

“SEARCH” is the formation of a Christian Community through a weekend experience technically referred to as “Search for Christian Maturity”. “SEARCHers” are youth, ages 16 years old and older, who have attended a weekend retreat experience and are members of the 'Search Community'.

SEARCH is a way to help you on your journey to discover God, yourself, and Christian community. Although the experiences of a SEARCH weekend are difficult to describe, the following paragraphs will give you a brief introduction to the program. This is a time to experience a loving, supportive community of young people who want to learn, and experience a closer relationship with God and with others. New SEARCHer application.
Besides sharing questions and new ideas, we have the opportunity to share Christ, prayer, friendships, fun, and song in a warm accepting atmosphere. Our celebration of the Eucharist on both Saturday and Sunday bring us to a greater understanding of what the liturgy means.

For Youth / By Youth

A young person who has made several SEARCHes and who has demonstrated his or her gift of faith is chosen by the Team Ministers to lead the weekend. He or she is assisted throughout the weekend by the Team Ministers and other young people who serve as leaders and coordinators. Carefully prepared talks are given by other young adults, whose experiences and personal sharing will touch your heart and kindle your faith.

Christ reaches out in many ways on the weekend, not only through the people participating but also through the sacrament of reconciliation. After opening ourselves up and responding to the people on the weekend, we face the challenge of listening and responding to God.

Open to All

SEARCH weekends is open to all youth, ages 16 and above. All denominations are welcome and warmly received. The SEARCH program is based on the teachings of the Catholic Church but is not designed as a means of conversion to Catholicism, but rather an invitation to join a Christ centered community of young adults and to experience Christ alive and well in a gathering of young adults, your peers. How do I become a SEARCHer?

For more information, contact Dori.

SEARCH is sponsored by the Diocese of Fargo Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.